Nikon 14-24 2.8 review

My review of this lense is purely based on my experience as a working photographer. I won't be going on about the more technical aspects of it. Firstly, I love this lense. It's so sharp and has fantastic depth of colour. I mainly use it for photographing super-wide landscapes such as in the Radcliffe Camera photo below. I love the way it renders clouds so dramatic. If you level your camera, the distortion is very low at 14mm and non exsistant at 24mm. The problem I found with its use for landscapes, is you can not use filters due to it's bulbous front element,which could be a problem on old cameras that lack good dynamic range. A camera like the d800, lets you underexpose your photo, so you

First attempt at Astro photography

Down in Cornwall with Lizzie staying with our friends artist Rebecca Jewell and artist and fellow photographer Simon Jewell. They live in the beautiful lizard peninsula and that week we were blessed with completely clear sky's and a new moon which is important to take photos of the night sky so l have read, so we are in luck. So at 10.30pm we head out to the beach at church cove which is nearby. It so dark when we get there and to honest without Simon I would have gone home ( don't judge me it was a bit scary especially with the church overlooking the beach) So my set up was a Nikon d810 with the Nikon 14-24 2.8 tripod and iPhone for it's torch and StarTracker app which is brilliant. Setting

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