Taking photos at the golden hour.

Landscape photographers always mention the golden hour as the best time to take photographs. It's a limiting practice, one hour before sunrise or sunset and one hour after. It's so true that there is a drama and warmth created by the light at these times that move your photos to a different level. The photo above was taken at 7.30 on a freezing cold Jan morning. I arrived at 6.30, planned the compositions I liked and waited for the magic to happen. I had scouted the location Months before, checking weather forecasts and length of journey. You can arrive at planned locations many many times and it's just not happening. But then when it does it's a massive rush of adrenaline trying to achieve

How I became a bell ringer for a morning?

So it's wedding season,I'm out and about checking out the light a setting of a church in Eynsham Oxford I have a wedding at later that year. Suddenly the priest comes over and introduces himself nice guy friendly enough. "Hope you don't mind me looking around your beautiful church" I say hoping to get him on side so I can gain his trust for the big day ( exploit our new friendship and get some great angles for photos on the day without pissing him off 😉) "no no that's absolutely fine so pleased you like it. I see your a pro photographer how fascinating" he says "yes I'm doing a wedding here soon just wanted to get my bearings and discuss with you the do's and don'ts 😉) I say " well that'

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